Custom Performance Benchmarking

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When evaluating performance, focusing only on your internal metrics is dangerous because how well your company is performing begs the question: Compared to who? Determining how well your company is performing requires access to comprehensive, objective, reliable and reasonably current performance data for other companies.

Using our industry leading MBA and STRATMOR Peer Group Roundtables (PGR) benchmarking data, we help non-PGR lender participants shed a light on how both their recent and historical performance compares. While participating in the PGR is generally the best way for most lenders to benchmark their performance, many lenders prefer to begin with a custom benchmarking assignment performed by STRATMOR.

For hundreds of performance metrics, we can tell our custom benchmarking clients whether their performance is in the first, second, third or bottom quartile of competitive performance. STRATMOR can give clients sound advice as to where the major opportunities lie to make improvements that have big impact on the key performance metrics.



Nicole Yung has lead responsibility for STRATMOR’s analytic services, including the financial modeling and valuation tasks required by many of STRATMOR’s merger and acquisition and operational review clients. She also has primary responsibility for the annual STRATMOR Compensation Connection survey that benchmarks mortgage compensation. She is active in generating the analyses, reports and materials for the MBA/STRATMOR Peer Group Benchmarking Program. Finally, Nicole has become the firm’s expert in designing and executing STRATMOR’s many Web-based surveys. Nicole is a graduate of Centre College in Kentucky where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics.  She also received a Master of Business Administration from Southern Methodist University in Texas.