Data Suite

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Exclusive Ownership And Access To Critical Industry And Operational Performance Data

At STRATMOR, data is at the foundation of everything we do because the more you know, the smarter decisions you can make. STRATMOR develops broad industry data through our targeted lender surveys, networking programs and benchmarking studies that then help us to deliver data-driven answers to mortgage lenders’ toughest challenges. We have ownership and exclusive access to critical industry performance and operational data that others do not. Therefore, by partnering with STRATMOR, our clients have access to data-driven consulting and insights delivered by some of the most respected experts in the mortgage industry.

Comprehensive Quantitative and Qualitative Data

The STRATMOR Data Suite is a compilation of products and programs that address mortgage lenders’ quantitative and qualitative information needs. Currently, STRATMOR’s Data Suite consists of data from the following products and programs:

Networking Programs

Building on the foundation of survey data, STRATMOR’s programs provide an opportunity for participants to engage with their peers at other companies both in small group meetings and informal social gatherings that promote candid discussions and ongoing professional relationships.