Finance & Administration

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Having a strong Finance and Administration function is critical to the success of a modern mortgage company both in managing day-to-day operations and planning for the future.

Day-to-day management requires that data from accounting, loan origination and human resource systems be integrated so as to provide management with periodic reports that contain key metrics of performance tracked against internal goals and benchmarked against key competitor groups.

Planning for the future requires careful analysis of how new ideas and initiatives will impact financial performance. In STRATMOR’s experience, too many lenders adopt strategies and action plans without carefully assessing their impact on both top and bottom line performance.

Financial Reporting

STRATMOR helps lenders design and implement financial reporting systems that provide management with the right information at the right time. In too many companies, management is presented with overwhelming amounts of data without extracting the key metrics that management really needs to do their job. The challenge, therefore, is to extract the signal from the noise.

Performance Benchmarking

While tracking performance versus plan is useful, determining how well your company is performing requires access to comprehensive, objective and current performance data for other companies. Using our industry leading benchmarking data, STATMOR can tell clients whether their performance is in the first, second, third or bottom quartile of competitive performance. Further, STRATMOR can provide sound advice as to where the major opportunities lie to make improvements that have will have big impacts on competitive operational performance moving forward.

Financial Modeling And Analysis

STRATMOR helps lenders evaluate potential strategies by projecting their financial impact on income, the balance sheet and cash flow. To accomplish this, STRATMOR has developed a suite of off-the-shelf mortgage company financial models that can efficiently be adapted to meet virtually any requirement. When important planning data and information are not readily available, STRATMOR’s mortgage industry survey capabilities allow us to perform primary research to quickly fill the gaps.

Mergers And Acquisitions

STRATMOR is a recognized leader in providing middle-market merger and acquisition (M&A) advisory services to both buyers and sellers across the mortgage industry, with well over 100 mortgage company transactions completed. Unlike traditional M&A advisors who are often just “deal-makers,” we bring a combination of deep understanding of the mortgage business. The foundation of STRATMOR’s M&A practice is our unique expertise and experience in preparing mortgage company valuations. Our analysis and findings are market-tested within the real world of transaction negotiations.

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