Originator Census Survey

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Understand and Measure Key Attributes of Your Sales Force

The STRATMOR Originator Census Survey helps lenders gain valuable insights into loan originator production, age, turnover and tenure with your company as compared to peers. The more lenders can understand and measure the key attributes of their sales force, the better they will be able to proactively manage them. The Originator Census Survey focuses on five key areas:

  • Production Distribution – Consistent with conventional wisdom, do 20% of your Originators close 80% of your volume? Is it more like 30/70? How do you compare with peers?
  • Productivity by Quintile – What is the average productivity of your top quintile of producers versus peers? What about the bottom quintile?
  • Originator Age – What is the average age of your originators overall? By production quintile?
  • Turnover – What is your Originator turnover overall? By Age? By production quintile? Many lenders maintain that they keep their core group and that turnover is limited to lower producing quintiles. Is that really true?
  • Tenure – What is the average tenure of originators by production quintile? Are your veterans out-producing the less experienced originators? How does your average tenure compare with peer group averages?

STRATMOR compiles the data, analyzes the results and prepares individualized reports for each participating client.


Participants will receive a comprehensive report detailing your responses versus the survey averages as well as segmented analysis.

SIGN UP NOW to participate in the 2018 survey.

As is our custom, and to assure confidentiality, this will be conducted as a “blind” survey.  All survey results will be aggregated and individual company results will not be disclosed to any party, nor will we display the results in such a way that individual company responses could be determined.