STRATMOR Spotlight Surveys

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Find Out What Your Peers Are Doing About Key Industry Issues

Do you wish you could quickly find out what your peers at other lenders think about key issues and developments? And what actions they are considering, planning or have taken? If so, then you should consider participating in our STRATMOR Spotlight Surveys program, a fast turnaround, short survey program that gives senior mortgage executives a unique way to obtain the information they need to formulate effective strategy. STRATMOR Spotlight Surveys fill the information gap that senior executives often face when industry information is stale or simply not available.

STRATMOR Spotlight Surveys will provide you with more and better information than what you can obtain by calling peers and comparing notes. At the same time, it alerts you to issues that may have escaped your attention. It’s the best way to hear voices and views from competitors outside of your friendly “grapevine” along with STRATMOR’s observations and recommendations.

How It Works

Experience the benefits of knowing what actions your peers are considering, planning or have taken as regards key industry developments. As a participant in STRATMOR Spotlight Surveys, you can expect to be surveyed whenever a hot topic or issue arises within the industry. Surveys will typically be short and to the point, with results in your hands quickly, results that contain harder opinion data than what you would get by simply calling your contacts at other companies.

We expect to launch at least one STRATMOR Spotlight Survey every two months, including surveys suggested by program participants. Surveys will close by the end of the month, with results back within a week. During an introductory trial period, surveys will be free to participants, after which they will be available for purchase by participants at a low cost.


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