Financial Advisory

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A strong finance and analysis function is critical to the success of a progressive mortgage company. In STRATMOR’s experience, many lenders adopt strategies and action plans without carefully assessing their impact on both top and bottom line performance.

STRATMOR’s Financial Advisory services focus on helping lenders manage financial and operational data needs while planning for the future.

Our approach involves careful analysis of company initiatives related to benchmarking, financial analysis and reporting. STRATMOR provides guidance in:

  • Performance Benchmarking by using our industry-leading data, STRATMOR can advise clients whether their performance is in the first, second, third or bottom quartile of competitive performance, and provide sound advice as to where there is opportunity for improvement.
  • Financial Modeling and Analysis with STRATMOR-developed financial models that can be effectively adapted to meet virtually any requirement.
  • Financial Reporting by designing and implementing mortgage-centric financial reporting systems that provide management with the right information at the right time.

Need insights into your company’s financial and operational performance? Contact us today.