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Digital Transformation: The World According to Garth

Share this...TwitterLinkedinPeople who know me know I’m into music. I was a DJ in college, which got me into parties for free, so I ...
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Six Key Takeaways From the 2019 Technology Insight® Study

Share this...TwitterLinkedinSteve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft from 2000 to 2014 and current owner of the Los Angeles Clippers once said that the number one ...
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I, Robotics: Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in the Mortgage Industry

Share this...TwitterLinkedinRecently, I asked a lender what his company was doing to reduce processing errors and he told me, “We’re looking into robotics.” I ...
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Creating a Best-in-Breed Technology Suite

Share this...TwitterLinkedinWe all know it takes a village to create a mortgage. The list of entities a lender must interact with — and rely ...
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Key Takeaways From the MBA Technology Solutions Conference

Share this...TwitterLinkedinAs most mortgage industry veterans know, lenders hate to be first. Lenders are not “early adopters” and tend to avoid taking risks, especially ...
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Give It to Me Straight: Technology and Digital Trends in the Mortgage Industry

Share this...TwitterLinkedinIn 2018, I spent a great deal of my time talking technology with lenders. Anyone who has engaged in a technology conversation with ...
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Connecting the Blocks: Practical Applications of Blockchain for the Mortgage Industry

Share this...TwitterLinkedinOne of the most  talked  about  technologies  of  the  last  twelve  months  is  Blockchain.  To many, Blockchain is just another in an endless ...
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Getting the Right Technology: Peer Perspectives of the Technology Experience

Share this...TwitterLinkedinIn 2015,  STRATMOR released its first LOS Technology Insight® Survey (TIS) with one primary goal: To deliver mortgage lenders with much needed, non-vendor-provided ...
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LOS: What’s the Score? What’s in Store?

Share this...TwitterLinkedinSTRATMOR is often asked by mortgage companies to help figure out how to get more from technology, including which vendors to consider and ...
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