MortgageSAT 2020 Best-in-Class Lender Awards

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Recognizing the Best

The MortgageSAT Best-in-Class Lender Awards recognize only those MortgageSAT lenders who have received outstanding ratings from the borrowers they served in 2020. The Best-in-Class Awards serve as a stamp of excellence and quality, and to be a MortgageSAT Best-in-Class lender is to be among the elite. The awards, presented annually, go to the top performing lenders by segment and in 10 performance categories:

  • Overall Borrower Satisfaction
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Loan Officer
  • Loan Processor
  • Online Tools
  • Application Process
  • Products and Costs
  • Likelihood to Comment
  • Likelihood to Use Again
  • Likelihood to Recommend

Award qualifications are based on the previous year’s results and scores. To qualify for a Best-in-Class award, a lender must provide exemplary service to their borrowers throughout the year, resulting in a satisfaction score in a given category. Participants are grouped by size and specialty with top performers recognized in each group. STRATMOR Group congratulates the award-winning lenders listed below.

2020 MortgageSAT Best-in-Class Lender Awards

Company Lender Segment
Residential Mortgage Services logo Residential Mortgage Services Retail: Large Independent
Certainty Home Loans Retail: Mid-Size Independent
Meridian Bank Retail Bank
Rocket Pro TPO Wholesale
Accunet Mortgage Consumer Direct

2020 MortgageSAT Best-in-Class Large Lender: Performance

Company Performance Category
Rocket Pro TPO Overall Satisfaction
Rocket Pro TPO Net Promoter Score (NPS)
Residential Mortgage Services logo Residential Mortgage Services Loan Officer
Guild mortgage logo Guild Mortgage Loan Processor
PrimeLending Online Tools
Rocket Pro TPO Products and Costs
PrimeLending Application Process
Movement Mortgage Likelihood to Comment
Residential Mortgage Services logo Residential Mortgage Services Likelihood to Use Again
Rocket Pro TPO Likelihood to Recommend 

2020 MortgageSAT Best-in-Class Mid-Size Lender: Performance

Company Performance Category
Accunet Mortgage Overall Satisfaction
Accunet Mortgage Net Promoter Score (NPS)
Certainty Home Loans Loan Officer
Accunet Mortgage Loan Processor
Certainty Home Loans Online Tools
Certainty Home Loans Products and Costs
Certainty Home Loans Application Process
Certainty Home Loans Likelihood to Comment
Accunet Mortgage Likelihood to Use Again
Accunet Mortgage Likelihood to Recommend