What Do Lenders Say About MortgageSAT?

Our lender clients like us. We think you will, too.


“MortgageSAT provides insight and industry benchmarks with our customer satisfaction of each loan closed. We can leverage the data to develop coaching and recognition with regions, branches and individuals. We also know right away when a customer experience takes a wrong turn and we can address it immediately. Gone are the days of taking your borrower’s temperature and then crossing your fingers and hoping it improves. With MortgageSAT, we now have clear, actionable data that we’re using to constantly improve the borrower journey.”

— Jim Clapp, Certainty Home Loans

“Constant improvement is part of our culture. The ability to pinpoint exactly where we can improve to have the biggest impact in delighting our customers is very empowering.”

— Yianni Garcia, Director Digital Mortgage Innovation, Eagle Home Mortgage


“It’s true that little changes and adjustments we find in MortgageSAT really do add up. Over the past year, just by finding coachable moments for our team, we were able to climb above the National Average in Overall Satisfaction, NPS, Loan Officer and Application Process scores. And, we have seen an improvement in our market share in a very challenging mortgage market.”

— Kevin Crichton, E Mortgage Management


“We love MortgageSAT for the wealth of information it provides us about our borrower’s experience, but even more valuable than the raw data is the expertise and consulting we get from STRATMOR about how to use the data to coach our team members and make strategic, data-driven decisions. The price is worth it for that alone.”

— Brian Vieaux, Flagstar Bank


“We believe that customer satisfaction is a vitally important responsibility, as well as a key driver of Guild’s growth. We look forward to gaining customer experience insights from STRATMOR’s MortgageSAT – Servicing program – as we have for the original origination program – to help us continue to innovate and deliver service excellence.”

Mary Ann McGarry, Guild Mortgage


“MortgageSAT helped PrimeLending double our Zillow reviews each month, taking us from 2,600 reviews at the beginning of 2017 to more than 9,000 through the first two-thirds of 2018.”

Val Haynes, PrimeLending 


“With MortgageSAT we went from a Ford Escort to a Mercedes.”

— Greg Lambert, PrimeLending


“Most of all, it’s great to be getting to a data driven environment. We can see better what our strengths and weaknesses are and then take steps to close the gap.”

Celia Coulter, Union Bank




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