Why Choose MortgageSAT?

What makes MortgageSAT the best Borrower Satisfaction Program for your company?

1. Actionable Data. MortgageSAT creates coaching opportunities by scoring every employee involved in the origination process — the LO, Processor, Underwriter, and Closer – and every stage of the loan process, from application to closing to the borrower’s servicing experience. MortgageSAT gathers actionable data that offers deep insights about your processes and personnel to help you fix problems, delight customers and drive repeat and referral business.
  • Gain visibility into every part of the borrower’s loan process experience
  • Find problems with your process and individual people early and mitigate the risk of low scores and possible complaints
  • Get 24/7 access to your results via live portal and alerts

2. National Benchmark. Compare yourself to your industry peers in real time, question by question. MortgageSAT includes 120,000+ borrower responses annually, 20 times more than J.D. Power. Without this performance-vs-peers data, you can only compare against your own historical scores.
  • See how you stack up, question by question, and discover where you excel and where you need to improve to improve your competitive edge.
  • Compare your numbers to national results segmented by region, lender volume, borrower demographics and more to help you make data-driven decisions about your loan processes.

3. Automate Zillow Reviews — MortgageSAT is the only industry satisfaction tool that pushes reviews to Zillow. Two of every three respondents leave testimonial statements in the MortgageSAT survey, and MortgageSAT pre-fills Zillow reviews for happy borrowers.
  • Zillow reviews get more than double the views than those from any other review site. LOs with reviews are prioritized in Zillow and SEO campaigns are virtually guarantee first page Google search results.
  • LO reviews roll up to your company page giving you twice the benefit. 

Focus on the Borrower Experience with MortgageSAT

  • Prepopulated Zillow Reviews – Redirects highly-satisfied borrowers to a prepopulated Zillow review at the end of the survey.
  • National Benchmark – Provides 24/7 access to a National Benchmark that is 20X larger than JD Power.  Allows you to compare your performance versus peers.
  • Email Alerts – Notifies you of upset borrowers and encourages immediate response.
  • Word Cloud – Offers you real-time access to borrower comments and testimonials.
  • Excel Export Allows you to export filtered (or comprehensive) data at any time.
  • Quarterly Executive Reports – Summarizes your company’s results and provides insights into the best ways to improve.


“We love MortgageSAT for the wealth of information it provides us about our borrower’s experience, but even more valuable than the raw data is the expertise and consulting we get from STRATMOR about how to use the data to coach our team members and make strategic, data-driven decisions. The price is worth it for that alone.”
Brian Vieux, Flagstar Bank