Here is what some of our clients and workshop participants say about STRATMOR:

Spring 2017 Consumer Direct Workshop

I found the STRATMOR conference discussion topics invaluable as we were able to cut through industry noise and focus on key metrics and best practices that have a measurable impact on the bottom line.

- Christian Syphus, VP, Mortgage Pricing, Bank of the West

I have been in the Consumer Direct space since 2002 and have never attended a conference with my peers. This was a fantastic learning experience to see what other companies are doing and where the industry is heading.

- Brian Mitchell, Branch Manager, Cornerstone Home Lending

I work at a fintech startup and I am relatively new to the industry. I thought this was one of the best sessions I ever attended. Great insights in terms of where the industry is and where it is going. Disruption is doing 80% as good as existing players in the category and innovating on the remaining 20%. This is a great resource to learn and figure out how to get the 80% right while benchmarking yourself against emerging players on the 20% that will differentiate you. Highly recommend!

- Krishnan Gopalakrishnan, Head of Marketing, Clara

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The STRATMOR Consumer Direct Roundtable is an invaluable resource. The bi-annual session provides great insights that you may not otherwise obtain around best practices, new technology, and improving your overall operations.

- Nicole Brown, Residential Mortgage Services

This is an awesome event that I will continue to attend. Excellent forum for any lenders or banks looking to enter the Consumer Direct environment.

- Jamie Thornton, Director, Consumer Direct Mortgage

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MBA and STRATMOR Peer Group Roundtables

Before we joined the PGR program several years ago, I always wondered how my margins, FTE count or total earnings compared to other companies similar in size. With nothing to compare, I felt I was operating blindly when trying to make changes or improve our numbers. This may have worked in the old days when we were just starting out, but as our industry has become increasingly complex and our own company has grown, we consider participation in this program to be a crucial component of our annual business and strategic planning process.

- Chrissy Rhea, President and Founder, Mortgage Investors Group

I have participated in the PGR program for many years and have derived tremendous value and insights from both the data we receive and the discussions at the roundtable meetings. Our participation in this program has enabled Guild Mortgage to make sound, fact-based decisions that are positively impacting our business.

- Terry Schmidt, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Guild Mortgage

STRATMOR's Originator Census Survey

As a retail lender, a large part of our franchise value is embodied in our loan originators. Therefore we strongly believe that we must understand how our originators compare to peers. The unique thing about the STRATMOR Originator Census is that the results are broken down by production quintile – that is, we know how our producers are performing relative to peers broken down in 20% increments (e.g. top 20%, next 20%, etc.). Armed with this data, we have been able to proactively address certain issues with our sales force that we had not previously been aware of. We highly recommend STRATMOR’s Originator Census Survey.

- Keith Klein, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer,, PrimeLending

We found the STRATMOR Originator Census to be an invaluable tool for benchmarking our sales force. We strongly believe it is imperative to know how our originators stack up against peers across a range of key attributes such as the distribution of production, productivity, originator age, purchase mix, turnover and tenure. STRATMOR’s Originator Census Survey helped us do just that.

- Rose Marie David, Senior Executive Vice President, Mortgage Lending Director, HomeStreet Bank

Marketing & Sales Advisory Services

The STRATMOR Consumer Direct Digital Roadmap experience helped us zero in and focus on our strategic plans and key initiatives by providing real world experiences and actionable data from their vast industry knowledge and expertise. The preparation meeting with STRATMOR in the weeks leading up to our engagement helped us maximize our investment because it identified unique challenges specific to our organization. The extension of comprehension and proficiency that Garth and his team bring to the table has provided us with a tailored framework to accelerate our growth in the business. This was probably the best consultation dollars spent this year.

- Kyle Eddy, Senior Vice President, Consumer Direct (Qualifi), Primary Capital Mortgage

Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory Services

As the stockholders of First Priority Financial contemplated the possibility of an acquisition, the STRATMOR Group was an invaluable resource to us. Jeff Babcock and his colleagues educated us on the process of our company valuation, and the preparation of an information memorandum. The STRATMOR Group’s extensive familiarity of industry executives provided us with multiple interested potential buyers. Their in-depth knowledge of the market, as well as years of experience representing buyers and sellers in the mortgage space, created an environment to maximize our sale opportunities.

- David Soldati, Shareholder, First Priority Financial, Inc.

STRATMOR Insights Reports

Regarding Garth Graham’s The State of the Digital Mortgage’, in the July 2016 issue of STRATMOR Insights, I am one of Garth Graham’s biggest fans. Over the years I have attended many of his presentations and read most, if not all, of his published articles. I, like others, have been fascinated by his ability to portray the issues and solutions facing the industry in terms that we can easily understand. He is always spot on!

- Roger Gudobba, CEO, Progress in Lending Association in his November 30, 2016 Article “The Dawn of a New Age“

Spring 2016 Consumer Direct Workshop

I will always partner with Garth and the STRATMOR Group. We will be in attendance at every one of their workshops. Presentations, support, direction, and industry expertise are simply best in class. Have not found any consulting partners that are even close to the skills on this team. Sales, Operations, Compliance, Tech and so on- elite!

- Eric H. Carling, Vice President of Consumer Direct, Commerce Bank

Great information, discussion and a well-run “Round Table”. I really enjoyed it and have brought home some great information to help drive change in our organization. Thanks to you and your team.

- Mike Johnson, GVP and Lead Development Manager, SunTrust Mortgage

The STRATMOR workshop provided me with tremendous insights that would have taken weeks of networking. It was helpful to hear the challenges and successes of numerous companies competing in the consumer direct space. The technology and legal issues are changing so quickly in the mortgage industry and this workshop will help me stay ahead of the trends. I recommend this workshop for companies of all sizes.

- Aaron Anderson, Vice President Consumer Direct, PrimeLending

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The May 2016 Consumer Direct Workshop was excellent. Graham and his team do a fabulous job of tailoring the agenda to focus on the most current and relevant topics. The sessions are highly participatory and interactive. The depth of experience and subject matter expertise represented in the room is truly exceptional with active participation by lenders of all sizes.

- Joe Helweg, Consumer Lending Digital & Portfolio Sales Executive, Bank of America

I have attended the workshop for the last 3 or 4 years. I look forward to the formal and informal interactions with my peers in CD. It is a pretty rare opportunity to do so twice a year. The workshop is well facilitated and insightfully led. The chosen locations are usually pretty central and easy to get to and the facilities are first class. I am reminded by attending that I actually do some things pretty well but have a much longer list of things I need to figure out that others are well on their way to mastering.

- Kevin Buckthorpe, EVP of Call Center, Freedom Mortgage

I attended the STRATMOR conference this past week. In my opinion, it is the best conference that I attend every year. They put about 40 of us in a room and we share best practices. Garth Graham with STRATMOR does a great job of facilitating. It was a fascinating discussion.

- Todd D. Geiman, Senior Vice President, HomeDirect Mortgage

What I loved about the workshop was the collaboration among all the attendees. It was very valuable to discuss the challenges and opportunities they see and how they are tackling them.

- Paul Brown III, Product Management Director/Real Estate Experience, USAA Federal Savings Bank

The Consumer Direct Lending expertise that STRATMOR brings to the table, and gathers around the table, is amazing…I’ve been to 5 of these meetings and always come away with additional contacts and many new ideas and opportunities. This is the best mortgage lending conference I attend all year.

- John Farrell, Vice President, Colonial Savings, F.A.

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STRATMOR Speakers Bureau

Garth: Thank you so very much for speaking at our event yesterday! You were a huge hit. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated not only the great content of your presentation, but also your dynamic speaking style. Your session was perfect for a sleepy afternoon – you kept everyone engaged and made sure that they all had fun, while learning a ton.

- Meg Burns, Sr. Vice President for Mortgage Policy, Housing Policy Council of The Financial Services Roundtable

MortgageSAT Borrower Satisfaction Program

We love MortgageSAT for the wealth of information it provides us about our borrower's experience, but even more valuable than the raw data is the expertise and consulting we get from STRATMOR about how to use the data to coach our team members and make strategic, data-driven decisions. The price is worth it for that alone.

- Brian Vieaux, Flagstar Bank

Constant improvement is part of our culture. The ability to pinpoint exactly where we can improve to have the biggest impact in delighting our customers is very empowering.

- Yianni Garcia, Eagle Home Mortgage

With MortgageSAT we went from a Ford Escort to a Mercedes.

- Greg Lambert, Prime Lending

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Most of all, it's great to be getting to a data driven environment. We can see better what our strengths and weaknesses are and then take steps to close the gap.

- Cella Coulter, Union Bank

We believe that customer satisfaction is a vitally important responsibility, as well as a key driver of Guild’s growth. We look forward to gaining customer experience insights from STRATMOR’s MortgageSAT – Servicing program – as we have for the original origination program – to help us continue to innovate and deliver service excellence.

- Mary Ann McGarry, Guild Mortgage

It's true that little changes and adjustments we find in MortgageSAT really do add up. Over the past year, just by finding coachable moments for our team, we were able to climb above the National Average in Overall Satisfaction, NPS, Loan Officer and Application Process scores. And, we have seen an improvement in our market share in a very challenging mortgage market.

- Kevin Crichton, E Mortgage Management

MortgageSAT helped PrimeLending double our Zillow reviews each month, taking us from 2,600 reviews at the beginning of 2017 to more than 9,000 through the first two-thirds of 2018.

- Val Haynes, PrimeLending

MortgageSAT provides insight and industry benchmarks with our customer satisfaction of each loan closed. We can leverage the data to develop coaching and recognition with regions, branches and individuals. We also know right away when a customer experience takes a wrong turn and we can address it immediately. Gone are the days of taking your borrower's temperature and then crossing your fingers and hoping it improves. With MortgageSAT, we now have clear, actionable data that we’re using to constantly improve the borrower journey.

- Jim Clapp, Certainty Home Loans

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