STRATMOR Workshops

Workshops Designed To Solve The Challenges Of Mortgage Lenders

STRATMOR Workshops are designed to meet the needs of the senior executives who run mortgage company business units, such as production, sales, servicing, secondary marketing, etc. Workshop sessions typically focus on key operating and strategic issues framed against a backdrop of select proprietary data available to STRATMOR Group through its programs and consulting services.

A Dynamic Learning Environment

Unlike most industry conferences and meetings — where attendees sit in a large audience simply listening to speakers or panelists — STRATMOR Workshops are typically comprised of 15 – 20 peer executives who, sitting around a table, engage with each other in spirited discussion under the guidance of a skilled and knowledgeable STRATMOR consultant.

Most workshops are conducted annually or semi-annually. However, STRATMOR conducts ad hoc Workshops when warranted by key or unexpected industry developments.

Find out about future STRATMOR workshops, participate and learn why our small-group meeting format makes for a much superior learning experience.