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STRATMOR conducts several industry studies each year and we invite you to participate in one or all of these data-driven opportunities.

STRATMOR’s 2018 Technology Insights Study

Lenders, don’t be left in the dark on mortgage technologies. Step into the light of STRATMOR Group’s 2018 Technology Insight Study. The 2018 study is filled with detailed, non-vendor-provided analyses on a host of technologies at work in the mortgage space. Whether you’re looking for insight into digital innovations, customer satisfaction survey programs, closing and collaboration tools or other mortgage technology solutions, the 2018 STRATMOR Technology Insight Study provides much needed, up-to-date lender perspectives on available technology offerings–without the hype or sales pitch from the vendor.

To purchase either the comprehensive or Digital-only report, click here.       


Compensation Connection

You can get basic salary compensation information from a host of HR-based providers. What you won’t get from these kinds of providers is why the compensation for mortgage-specific roles is different than other industries—and should be. STRATMOR gives you more than the what of compensation. We give you the why.

STRATMOR’s Compensation Connect Study provides compensation information for all roles unique to the mortgage industry, from sales to post closing and for both Independent and Bank-owned lenders. And, because there is more to compensation than salary, we provide details on incentives and benefits paid — like bonuses, educational allowances and time off—giving you the information you need to build a compensation plan to attract and keep your staff.

Compensation Connection data is only available to lenders who participate in the study by completing the Compensation Connection survey. There is a cost to participate and to receive the study report, which this year covers 2018 compensation. Choose to participate in one or several of the compensation survey modules according to your budget and information needs:

Don’t miss this opportunity to have the most mortgage-specific compensation information available. Sign up for the 2019 Compensation Connection Study today.


Originator Census

Lenders, Do you know if your top originators are leaving at a faster pace than originators working for your peers?

For every mortgage banker, the value of the company is driven by the quality and depth of the salesforce. More than anything else, a high performing salesforce will improve the franchise value of your company. Because top performing originators are critical to sustain growth and build value, understanding and measuring the key attributes of your salesforce in comparison to the market is essential to attracting and retaining high-performing sales people for your team.

STRATMOR’s Originator Census Survey provides the data needed for measuring originator performance. We gather data from across the industry and then report the details on key metrics. STRATMOR then compiles the data, analyzes the results and prepares individualized reports for each participating client that benchmarks their performance against other survey participants.

For valuable insight into loan originator production, age, turnover and tenure within your company as compared to your peers, participate in the 2019 STRATMOR Originator Census study. Register to participate in  the Spring 2019 census now:





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