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MortgageNewsDaily: Credit Verification, MSR Acquisition, Non-QM, Tax, Outsourcing Products; STRATMOR and CX

September 20, 2023
Could Customer Experience (CX) be the biggest untapped revenue opportunity in today’s market? There is broad acceptance by lenders...Read More

Pat Sherlock: Are Your LOs Prepared to Sell in the Age of AI?

September 15, 2023
.... Here are 3 key insights to consider: Mike Seminari, Director of Customer Experience, STRATMOR Group, noted: “What makes...Read More

National Mortgage News: How a purchase market impacts the origination of small-dollar loans

September 15, 2023
... But a white paper by the Mortgage Bankers Association shows that originating this type of loan is more...Read More

MortgageNewsDaily: Accounting, Asset Transfer, LOS Tools; Conv. Conforming News; Encompass and MortgageCX; Mortgage Apps Continue Downward

September 13, 2023
...In other non-mortgage news, arguably more interesting to talk about than the continued decline in mortgage applications and IMBs...Read More
In the battle to get and keep mortgage borrowers, a lender's employee experience matters greatly.

MBA Newslink: STRATMOR Group’s Sue Woodard: Prioritizing the Employee Experience

September 13, 2023
Prioritizing the Employee Experience is Key to a More Successful Business In business, “the customer is always right” has...Read More

MortgageNewsDaily: DSCR, PPE. Borrower Intelligence, DPR Products; STRATMOR MortgageCX News; Chopra Speaks

September 12, 2023
STRATMOR Group just announced that its revolutionary Customer Experience Strategy program, MortgageCX, is now seamlessly integrated with Encompass. MortgageCX...Read More

Valuation Review: STRATMOR Examines Lenders Receiving Sales Compensation

September 1, 2023
In its latest report, STRATMOR suggests ways lenders can tame sales costs, which represent more than half of the...Read More

National Mortgage Professional Magazine: The Secret’s Out

September 1, 2023
‘Shop ‘til you drop’ might become ‘shop ‘til you rise’ in the world of secret shopping. Companies small and...Read More
The wholesale channel may be the puzzle piece that fits for mortgage originators and lenders considering moving into or expanding into a new mortgage channel.

Scotsman Guide: 2023 Top Mortgage Brokers: in Difficult Times, the Wholesale Channel Shines

September 1, 2023
...The broker channel also has continued to gain share in the overall mortgage market. According to a recent report...Read More

MortgageNewsDaily: DSCR, Non-Del, CRM, Pricing Engine Products; STRATMOR Customer Service Workshop; NAR President Resigns

August 29, 2023
STRATMOR Customer Experience Workshop: According to data from Gartner, two in three companies say customer experience is the primary area...Read More
Mortgage industry expert Rob Chrisman discusses the mortgage M&A environment.

MortgageNewsDaily: Credit Report, Buyer Research, Broker Processing Products; Guild and First Centennial Deal

August 28, 2023
The Big Getting Bigger Guild Mortgage further expanded its market share with the announcement this morning of the company’s acquisition...Read More

Mortgage Orb: Snapdocs, STRATMOR Research Mortgage Process Optimization for Borrowers

August 28, 2023
Mortgage lenders know they must offer a superior experience to acquire repeat business and earn customer referrals. Yet the...Read More

Mortgage Orb: Mortgage Lenders Should Focus on the Employee Experience, STRATMOR Report Shows

August 28, 2023
In order for mortgage lenders to deliver a better borrower experience and win more business, they must put a...Read More

Progress in Lending: STRATMOR: To Win More Business, Lenders Should Focus on the Employee Experience

August 25, 2023
While virtually every lender is focused on finding new business in today’s down market, they should consider focusing more...Read More
In the battle to get and keep mortgage borrowers, a lender's employee experience matters greatly.

MortgageNewsDaily: Lead Gen, Non-QM, QC Tools; Webinars Next Week; STRATMOR and Employee Morale; Subservicing Podcast Interview

August 25, 2023
Experts agree that the customer’s experience is never going to be better than the employee’s experience. What does that...Read More
Mortgage lenders may want to take a page from the Chick fil A playbook on how to elevate the customer experience by creating positive employee experiences.

MortgageNewsDaily: Broker Pricing, Non-QM, Lead Sourcing, Tech Products; STRATMOR on Employee Culture; The Fed and Rates

August 21, 2023
Have you visited a Chick fil A restaurant lately? When the employes say, “It’s my pleasure,” and not just...Read More

MortgageNewsDaily: Pricing, Internal Audit, CRM, Home Insurance, Lead Generation Tools; Comp Survey; MBA’s Cost Per Loan Stats

August 18, 2023
Yesterday I published, “What do underwriters and processors and LOs make? STRATMOR has the information, spelled out in a...Read More

MortgageNewsDaily: TPO Geocoding, Warehouse, Fee Collection Products; CoreLogic Wildfire Report; STRATMOR Compensation Survey

August 17, 2023
With budget season rapidly approaching, make sure you have comprehensive compensation data you need to drive your planning for...Read More

MeridianLink: Attracting Millennial Homebuyers in Today’s Market

August 14, 2023
... “higher interest rate, slower mortgage origination volume, reduced revenue/margin compression, increased cost to originate, and shortened cycle times”...Read More

National Mortgage News: How Mortgage AI Chatbots Stack up Against ChatGPT

August 11, 2023
Artificial intelligence-powered chatbots are popping up everywhere since the rise of ChatGPT. Even in the mortgage industry, which is...Read More

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