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Customer Experience Tips

Where can mortgage lenders best spend money to make money in this market?

Grow Revenue in the Fertile Ground of CX

March 14, 2024 One of my favorite things about my wife is that whenever something in our house breaks (like our AC unit,...Read More
Mortgage lenders must learn how to attract and engage Gen Z borrowers.

The Next Mortgage Frontier: Attracting and Engaging Gen Z

February 21, 2024 The other day at the grocery store, I overheard someone mention the name Tom Cruise, only to have their teenage...Read More
Mortgage lenders can't keep doing the same things and expect a different outcome. Fresh habits can help smooth the process for borrowers this year.

Fresh Ideas for LOs Looking for Better Results in 2024

January 17, 2024 At least once a year, usually around Groundhog Day, I think about the enduring comedic genius of Bill Murray and...Read More
Grab a hot cocoa and lean in to hear “A Tale of Five Testimonials” and learn what top-tier LOs are doing to create “wow” experiences for their borrowers.

What Are Top-Tier Originators Doing to “Wow” Their Borrowers?

December 12, 2023 I recently drove past a little Greek restaurant that I used to patronize from time to time. It was good,...Read More
The time school children spend to learn songs for a pageant shows the importance of learning from the lessons of mortgage industry downturn.

Top Three CX Lessons That Will Drive Success in 2024

November 15, 2023 I recently got to watch my four-year-old daughter, dressed up as a turkey, sing songs about Thanksgiving with all her...Read More
Mortgage lenders can ensure a greater frequency of repeat borrowers over the long term by always being one thought away.

Always Be One Thought Away for Your Borrowers

October 24, 2023 There’s this song lyric I’ve always loved: “An elephant’s memory’s a curse and a blessing / And you’ll always be...Read More
In the mortgage industry, customer experience is an untapped revenue opportunity.

CX: The Mortgage Market’s Untapped Revenue Opportunity

September 19, 2023 When I was a kid back in the 80s, I remember praying every night that I would win the $1,000...Read More
Mortgage lenders may want to take a page from the Chick fil A playbook on how to elevate the customer experience by creating positive employee experiences.

Happy Employees, Happy Customers: A Page From a Fast-Food Giant’s Playbook

August 18, 2023 Have you ever had to explain a word or phrase to someone and, in doing so, went through your own...Read More
Motivate mortgage team members to excellence in customer experience with recognition, compensation, and through competition.

Motivate Your Mortgage Team to CX Excellence

July 18, 2023 The other morning, my two-year-old daughter was refusing to eat her breakfast. Normally, we would just save it for her...Read More
AI is the future, and mortgage loan originators who learn to use it have a greater chance of future success.

Mortgage Originators’ Guide to Success in the Age of AI

June 22, 2023 The future is coming into focus more and more each day. Pretty soon, our cars will all drive (maybe even...Read More
For mortgage lenders in the Wholesale space, the rate sheet may feed short-term sales, but relationships with mortgage broker partners will ultimately determine long-term success.

Drive More Revenue by Rethinking Your Mortgage Broker Relationships

May 18, 2023 This past weekend, I found myself eating a melting protein bar in a hot, crowded, outdoor venue that smelled vaguely...Read More
Mortgage lenders can learn from Warren Buffett and Jay-Z how to play the long game in business strategy.

Strategic Moves for Long-Game Mortgage Success

April 18, 2023 Have you ever heard this Warren Buffett quotation? "I'm not concerned with the noise because I'm playing the long game."...Read More
Mortgage originators can score a buzzer-beating victory borrowers by minimizing end-of-game miscues.

Score a CX Victory Over Last-Minute Loan Volatility

March 14, 2023 In a year and an industry when every month seems to produce its own variety of madness, there’s something settling...Read More
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