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Customer Experience Tips

For mortgage lenders in the Wholesale space, the rate sheet may feed short-term sales, but relationships with mortgage broker partners will ultimately determine long-term success.

Drive More Revenue by Rethinking Your Mortgage Broker Relationships

May 18, 2023 This past weekend, I found myself eating a melting protein bar in a hot, crowded, outdoor venue that smelled vaguely...Read More
Mortgage lenders can learn from Warren Buffett and Jay-Z how to play the long game in business strategy.

Strategic Moves for Long-Game Mortgage Success

April 18, 2023 Have you ever heard this Warren Buffett quotation? "I'm not concerned with the noise because I'm playing the long game."...Read More
Mortgage originators can score a buzzer-beating victory borrowers by minimizing end-of-game miscues.

Score a CX Victory Over Last-Minute Loan Volatility

March 14, 2023 In a year and an industry when every month seems to produce its own variety of madness, there’s something settling...Read More
mortgage lenders can smooth the potholes in the borrower loan experience with good customer service.

How to Preserve Mortgage Borrower Delight on a Bumpy Loan Road

February 17, 2023 As I was turning onto a highway on-ramp the other day, the front left corner of my car dropped and...Read More
Mortgage lenders need to survive in a post 2022 meltdown market.

How Can Lenders Thrive in a Post-Meltdown Mortgage World?

January 22, 2023 I’ve been binge-watching the final season of The Walking Dead lately and thinking about the crossroads at which the show’s...Read More
Mortgage originators have a few things on their wish list for 2023

The Mortgage Originator’s Wish List: A Lender’s Guide to Giving

December 14, 2022 As we were putting up Christmas decorations this year, I came across a binder filled with Santa letters I had...Read More
mortgage loan originators can gain better NPS scores through better communications with borrowers

How Can Mortgage Originators Improve Their Communications Skills?

November 15, 2022 I heard a loud crash in the kitchen the other day and walked in to find my one-year and three-year-old...Read More
Aaron Judge success teaches mortgage originators how to win the long game.

How to Play the Long Game in Mortgage Originations

October 19, 2022 October has long been my favorite month, partly because it’s the season of apple-picking, pumpkin spiced donuts and trick-or-treating. But...Read More
mortgage lenders need to create a vision for front line mortgage staff focused on the customer experience.

Customer Experience on the Front Lines: Turning Vision into Action

September 23, 2022 Typing this from 30,000 feet on my fifth flight of the week, I suppose it is only natural that the...Read More
Mortgage lenders need to bravely climb the rocky cliffs of improving the customer experience in a down market

A CX Strategy to Put the Odds Ever in Your Favor

August 17, 2022 When the movie “The Hunger Games” came out back in 2012, I remember thinking to myself, “This is very intriguing....Read More
mortgage originator survival kit badge

The LO Survival Kit 2022

July 19, 2022 I often wonder how I would fare on one of those survival shows. It’s exciting and empowering to watch guys...Read More
Mortgage Loan Originators Can Empathize with their Borrowers.

How Can Originators Empathize with Their Borrowers?

June 20, 2022 Not long ago, my wife let me know she was having a particularly challenging day with our one- and three-year-old...Read More
mortgage employees celebrate a good employee experience.

Employee Engagement and the Customer Experience

May 25, 2022 My stomach lurched. The woman next to me gasped and then held her breath; the man across the aisle from...Read More
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