Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory

The mortgage market is cyclical, and it’s hard for mortgage bankers to consistently deliver profits when the industry volume can fluctuate based on external market conditions. Lenders need to consider their strategic options, even considering exit strategies.  Still, other lenders need to consider how to grow, and often that includes the strategic acquisition of other originators.

What’s the best way for a lender or investor to pursue strategic options without creating a large M&A process that disrupts the business?  And for buyers, what’s the best way to find that mortgage banker who might never formally put themselves up for sale?

The STRATMOR Difference

Successfully navigating the many stages of the Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) transaction process requires experience, and STRATMOR Group is highly-regarded as a lender’s trusted advisor who engineers win-win transactions — for buyers and for sellers.  In fact, our M&A focus is on finding a good fit for buyers and for sellers, and we draw upon our mortgage industry relationships, reputation and proprietary data, which gives us deep insight into how lenders perform by channel, geography and more.

STRATMOR provides support across the complete M&A transaction process:

  • Company Valuations for Sellers
  • Growth strategies for Buyers
  • Company Searches and Qualification Screening
  • Target Company Analysis Using Proprietary Benchmark Data
  • Due Diligence and Deal Modeling
  • Synergy (Culture) Analysis
  • Negotiations and Deal Structuring
  • Organizational Readiness and Integration Support

Whether you are a prospective seller or committed buyer, a conversation with STRATMOR to discuss your options would be well worth your time. Contact us today.