Data-Driven Mortgage Advisory

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Founded in 1985, STRATMOR Group has, since inception, focused exclusively on making the mortgage business better for lenders and the borrowers they serve. Today, we are a data-driven mortgage advisory with mortgage advisors who guide our lenders and vendor clients alike to make smart strategic decisions, solve complex challenges, streamline operations, improve the borrower experience, increase profitability and accelerate growth.

STRATMOR understands how the mortgage business works. We offer mortgage executives:

  • Proprietary data across a wide spectrum of industry performance metrics, issues and developments.
  • Professional services by experienced mortgage advisors supported by this data that enables STRATMOR to offer deeper insights into the ever-evolving mortgage industry.
  • Knowledge Transfer programs that provide collaboration, mentoring, and training for all levels of a lender’s organization.

STRATMOR experts are among the most experienced mortgage advisors in the business today. They have walked the path you are on and can help point out the next best step along the way, and they aren’t afraid of new ideas or of speaking up on bad ones, even if it the means being the unpopular person in the room. Who we are at STRATMOR, and how we operate in principle and practice, is why STRATMOR is the trusted mortgage advisor to hundreds of mortgage companies across the country. Our goal is to become an extension of your team, using our experience to power your performance.

Want to talk about your mortgage business strategy with STRATMOR? Contact us today.