Marketing and Sales

STRATMOR works with lenders and vendors to develop successful marketing and digital strategies that include a variety of lead generation techniques matched to specific channels and customer segments. STRATMOR’s marketing experts understand the wide range of lead generation techniques available and can help lenders develop highly-targeted marketing and sales strategies.

For lenders, STRATMOR provides insights into:

  • Marketing effectiveness — market share by customer segments
  •  Borrower lead generation strategies and tactics
  • Systems that facilitate consistent communication with prospective borrowers through a variety of marketing techniques
  • Increasing conversion and driving higher Revenue Per Marketing Dollar Spent (RPM).
  • Improving the borrower experience as measured by STRATMOR’s MortgageSAT borrower satisfaction program
  • Leveraging Social Media networks
  • Processes involved in contacting, qualifying and turning qualified leads over to the sales force
  • Customer retention strategies and tactics
  •  Strategies and rules for assigning leads between Retail and Consumer Direct channels
  • Development of process flows and business rules
  • Sales training

STRATMOR works with vendors to improve the lender’s experience in:

  • The User Experience
  • Message and demonstrate product most effectively to lenders
  • Assessment and recommendation for product and process improvement
  • Effective use of technology and smart use of third-party vendors

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