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Vision and Purpose

STRATMOR is the most trusted consulting firm in the mortgage industry based on our reputation for providing candid, data-driven advice that drives positive change in our clients’ organizations.

Purpose Statement

STRATMOR Group exists to fulfill three purposes:

Vital Industry Data and Information

Provide the mortgage community with vital industry data and information that cannot be obtained elsewhere.


Transform Industry Data and Information

Offer insights and understanding to guide our mortgage clients to make sound strategic and tactical decisions.


Implement, Deploy, and Share Knowledge

Partner with our clients to implement, deploy, and share knowledge across their organizations to effectively adopt and employ these solutions.


Core Values

We bring to our work an unwavering commitment to objectivity, competence, and integrity. Our recommendations are impartial and candid, even where it may be averse to our own short-term interests. We view our ability to earn trust and build long-term relationships with our clients as core to our culture.

STRATMOR’s core values drive everything we do and defines who we are as a company. This begins at the top with our leadership team and is continually communicated and reinforced with STRATMORians across our organization. We recruit exceptional people who adhere to our commitment to excellence and are proven entrepreneurial innovators who desire to collaborate with each other and participate in the health and growth of STRATMOR and our clients.

Our core values are as follows:

Integrity. Great companies have developed a standard for doing things the right way.

Client obsessed. The client is our highest valued asset. Many companies believe that this is the most important characteristic of an organization. At STRATMOR, we certainly do. A client is defined as “one that is under the protection of another.” We take the livelihood and success of our STRATMOR clients very seriously.

Commitment to excellence. Everyone pulls their own weight at all levels and there is a commitment to excellence in each role. STRATMOR naturally weeds out those who aren’t succeeding or excelling.

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