"STRATMOR Survey Results – TRID Impact and Experience"
"The Fed’s QE: Help or Hindrance to Lending?"


Strategic Mortgage Finance Group, LLC, DBA STRATMOR Group is one of the mortgage industry’s most respected and trusted consulting firms. This reputation has been built over many years by providing clients with the type of candid actionable advice lenders need to build sustainable competitive advantages and profitability. STRATMOR’s services consist of a wide range of distinct offerings backed up by the industry’s leading proprietary lender performance database. 

Lenders come to STRATMOR to help them understand what the data and information we provide mean -- to help find the "signal" in the noise. What are the key trends in the industry? What are the near- and long-term industry outlooks? What appear to be "practices" that account for top performance? We are able to answer these questions both because of our day-to-day involvement with the data and the accumulated knowledge and experience we gain through our varied consulting assignments.

STRATMOR Surveys Find TRID Has Increased Mortgage Lender Origination Costs by Approximately $210/Loan While Significantly Boosting Borrower Satisfaction

-  87 percent of mortgage industry survey respondents have either fully or mostly accomplished TRID implementation

-  Independent lenders are generally well ahead of banks with regard to TRID implementation

-  After hitting a high of over 48 days, application-to-closing times are returning to pre-TRID levels

-  Overall borrower satisfaction is at a multi-year high, likely due to increased pre-closing contact

Full results of the TRID – Impact and Experience Survey are available for purchase from STRATMOR online at http://www.cvent.com/d/pfqxkh