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What barriers to adoption are they experiencing?

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STRATMOR Group is the mortgage industry’s most respected and trusted consulting firm, delivering the power of data-driven decision making. Our team of seasoned mortgage industry advisors has exclusive access to critical industry performance, compensation, technology and operational data – coupled with in-depth knowledge of mortgage processes, technologies and best practices. We work with lenders every day, offering candid, actionable advice to help them make confident strategic decisions and build sustainable competitive advantages and profitability. Beyond offering advice, we stand ready to help our clients implement our recommended solutions.

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At STRATMOR, we apply our insights and knowledge to guide our mortgage clients to make sound strategic decisions and take actions that improve their success.


Develop strategies for growth and to improve operational and financial performance; evaluate the potential of a merger, acquisition or sale.

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Technology & Operations

Benchmark performance, find ways to leverage existing systems, be smart about buying new technology, redesign back office processes and improve training.

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Human Resources

See how your compensation structure compares, identify top performers and craft competitive compensation models to improve performance.

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Marketing & Sales

Apply proven lead generation techniques matched to specific channels and customer segments; improve lead management processes for contacting, qualifying and converting leads.

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Evaluate the costs and opportunities of retaining servicing, define servicing strategies, improve borrower satisfaction and build more effective servicing operations.

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Finance & Administration

Gain valuable intelligence from performance benchmarking and financial modeling.

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Capital Markets

Assess and upgrade secondary marketing methods and infrastructure; develop and implement an optimal transition plan from best efforts to mandatory execution.

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Stratmor Perspectives

Are You Sure that Rates are Going Higher?

January 12, 2017

What if everyone thought we were going to see higher mortgage rates, and we didn’t? Remember that this is exactly what happened 13 months ago…

By Rob Chrisman

Election Day 2016 is Over – Now What?

November 15, 2016

The 2016 election is over, but the new administration is just beginning. For attorneys, it has the potential to impact future generations in a way…

By Rob Chrisman

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