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The Name to Trust for Mortgage Industry Data, Analysis and Advice

STRATMOR Group is one of the mortgage industry’s most respected and trusted consulting firms. This reputation has been built over many years by providing clients with the type of candid actionable advice lenders need to build sustainable competitive advantages and profitability. STRATMOR’s services consist of a wide range of distinct offerings backed up by the industry’s leading proprietary lender performance database. 

Lenders come to STRATMOR to help them understand what the data and information we provide mean -- to help find the "signal" in the noise. What are the key trends in the industry? What are the near- and long-term industry outlooks? What appear to be "practices" that account for top performance? We are able to answer these questions both because of our day-to-day involvement with the data and the accumulated knowledge and experience we gain through our varied consulting assignments.

Peer|Views 2016 Lender Outlook & Strategies Survey Now Available for Purchase

Lenders can now purchase the Summary Results for the Peer|Views 2016 Lenders' Outlook & Go-Forward Strategies Survey. This survey will help lenders assess their own projections for origination volume and profit margins and consider the strategies they have adopted or are considering to improve growth and profit margins against what competitors are doing. Peer|Views was launched in early March and conducted five free trial surveys  before converting to a permanent pay-as-you-go program in September. Find out more about Peer|Views and download results of the trial surveys at no cost.  To consider Peer|Views surveys for purchase, click here.


STRATMOR Launches "Heads-Up" Email Program

STRATMOR has launched the Heads-Up eMail Program that periodically provides lenders at no cost with a single interesting and useful result coming out of the STRATMOR Central family of data and survey products and programs. For example, the Heads-Up eMail to the right --- generated by STRATMOR's MortgageSAT borrower satisfaction program --- reports the dramatically negative impact on borrower satisfaction that results when a lender fails to contact a borrower prior to closing. Register for Heads-Up eMails now.