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Strategic Mortgage Finance Group, LLC, DBA STRATMOR Group is one of the mortgage industry’s most respected and trusted consulting firms. This reputation has been built over many years by providing clients with the type of candid actionable advice lenders need to build sustainable competitive advantages and profitability. STRATMOR’s services consist of a wide range of distinct offerings backed up by the industry’s leading proprietary lender performance database. 

Lenders come to STRATMOR to help them understand what the data and information we provide mean -- to help find the "signal" in the noise. What are the key trends in the industry? What are the near- and long-term industry outlooks? What appear to be "practices" that account for top performance? We are able to answer these questions both because of our day-to-day involvement with the data and the accumulated knowledge and experience we gain through our varied consulting assignments.

September MSAT User Conference in Denver

Learn about and discuss the MortgageSAT experiences of other lenders with any eye towards identifying best practices for maximizing response rates, handling Alerts, linking with social media and using results  to improve your borrowers' origination experience. Participate in breakout sessions aimed at helping you maximize the effectiveness of MortgageSAT within your organization. If you are currently a participant in MortgageSAT and wish to find out more and/or register, click here.

Meet with STRATMOR at the MBA Annual Conference

Virtually the whole STRATMOR consulting team will be attending the MBA's Annual Convention and Expo 2016 in Boston over October 23rd through the 26th. This represents a great opportunity for lenders to individually meet with the a STRATMOR consultant(s) to learn more about STRATMOR's data products and programs or discuss specific needs and concerns. At past Conventions, available time slots have filled up quickly. So click here to contact us early and tell us what you'd like to meet about and when you might be available.

Appraisal Processes and Turn-Times Survey Open 

If you are interested in how other lenders have changed their appraisal processes in response to TRID requirements and what the results have been then you should participate in our August 2016 STRATMOR Spotlight Survey: Lender Appraisal Processes and Turn-Times. Questions addressed include:

  • When do lenders order appraisals?
  • To what extent do lenders use an Appraisal Management Company, an Internal Appraisal Panel or both?
  • When and how do lenders collect appraisal fees? To what extent do lenders order appraisals without the expectation of collecting a fee in order to accelerate the origination process? 
  • What are the average turn-times from order to receipt of an appraisal report?
  • Do average turn-times vary with how lenders obtain an appraisal and/or loan purpose?

To find our more and participate, click here.



LO Hiring Insights Survey Results Available for Purchase

Summary Results and STRATMOR Commentary for the Loan Originator Hiring Insights April-May Spotlight Survey are now available for purchase and download for a fee of $250 (participants) or $500 (non-participants). Forty-three (43) lenders participated in the survey, including 28 Independent lenders and 15 Bank/Credit Union lenders. Summary Results address:

  • The most effective resource for recruiting experienced and inexperienced ("Newbie") LOs.
  • The effectiveness of recruiting whole branches.
  • The financial incentives that are most commonly used to recruit experienced and “Newbie” LOs.
  • The ramp-up period and minimum volume targets that lenders set for experienced and “Newbie” LOs.
  • The percentages of experienced and "Newbie" LOs that fail to meet minimum volume targets within the proscribed ramp-up period.

August "STRATMOR Insights" Report Is Available 

STRATMOR Insights, a free monthly Report from STRATMOR Group, provides data-driven articles containing charts, graphs and tables derived from our mortgage industry surveys, programs and consulting experience that provide valuable information to help identify and benefit from the latest trends. In the August Insights Report, the featured article, written by STRATMOR's M&A Specialist and Senior Partner, Jeff Babcock, looks at the importance of "character" on the part of both buyer and seller in negotiating a successful acquisition. To view and download the August Report, Click Here. If,  you would like to receive STRATMOR Insights, on an ongoing basis, Click Here to Register.

IT Superstar Andrew Weiss Joins STRATMOR

Andrew Weiss, one of the mortgage industry's IT luminaries, has joined STRATMOR as a Principal in STRATMOR's  IT Advisory Services Consulting Practice. Within the mortgage industry, as SVP of Advanced Technology, Andrew is best known for leading the Fannie Mae team that developed and implemented the industry's leading automated underwriting system, Desktop Underwriter. At STRATMOR, Andrew will be leading STRATMOR engagements aimed at assisting lenders to more effectively use technology end-to-end to support their business strategy. To find out more about Andrew, click here.