Data-Driven Mortgage Advisory

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Founded in 1985, STRATMOR Group is a data-driven mortgage advisory firm that works with lenders of all shapes and sizes to help them make smart strategic decisions, solve complex challenges, streamline operations, improve profitability and accelerate growth. Our consulting practice is focused exclusively on the mortgage industry. This focus has enabled us to develop a depth of industry knowledge, experience and substantive relationships that is unmatched by even the largest consulting firms.

STRATMOR offers products and programs that provide senior executives with proprietary hard and soft data along with other information across a wide spectrum of industry performance metrics, issues and developments. Several of these programs also afford participants the opportunity to engage with their peers at other companies both in small group meetings and informal social gatherings that promote candid discussions and ongoing professional relationships.

By partnering with STRATMOR, you have access to data-driven consulting and insights delivered by some of the most respected experts in the mortgage industry. We offer a broad strategic perspective of the mortgage industry coupled with in-depth knowledge of mortgage processes, technology and best practices. We never “go-to-school” on our clients’ time and money.

Strategy Development Through Implementation

Success requires good strategy coupled with effective implementation. Few consulting firms have the experience, skills and often the desire to help clients plan and manage virtually all aspects of strategy implementation. Our clients know that STRATMOR will not leave them “high and dry” when they need help with strategy implementation. We work in the trenches with our clients to move their businesses forward.