Capital Markets

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STRATMOR’s Capital Markets Advisory focuses on helping lenders upgrade their secondary marketing methods and infrastructure. Our typical consulting engagement begins with a realistic assessment of a client’s secondary marketing operations — the people, processes and systems. This diagnostic assessment provides a platform for prescriptive advice as to how a lender can improve their secondary/capital markets performance.

For smaller lenders, typically those lenders that currently deliver loans on a best efforts basis, we assess whether or not they should switch to mandatory execution based on the lender’s appetite for risk and a projection of their likely pickup in net loan sale proceeds.  For larger lenders we examine secondary marketing effectiveness, specified pool delivery, investor relations, hedging firms, best execution, pull through, and policies and procedures.

When a lender decides to make the switch, we can then assist in developing and carrying out an optimal transition plan that addresses both internal infrastructure and the possible use of third-party service providers for pipeline management and hedging. If needed, we can also provide oversight during the early stages of a revamped secondary operation.

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