Compensation Connection Survey

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Intelligence to Evaluate, Compare and Optimize Compensation Plans

The STRATMOR Compensation Connection Survey helps lenders gain valuable insights into what competitors are paying for critical positions and how compensation is structured. Our unique approach to gathering and separating data into useful profiles and relevant categories enables STRATMOR to offer these surveys in modules, thereby allowing you to choose your level of participation and pay for what you need. 

Deeper Compensation Insights Than Other Surveys

While many mortgage industry compensation surveys typically focus on how much employees are being paid, the STRATMOR Compensation Connection survey goes much more granular. The Compensation Connection Survey explores not only what loan officers, processors, underwriters and key executives are being paid, but also analyzes their compensation structure.

What do the compensation plans really look like? What are the performance criteria for the compensation? What’s the balance of volume versus other performance factors?  This granular information enables our clients to craft compensation plans that attract, motivate and retain employees at all levels.

Select The Data Modules You Need

The Compensation Connection Survey results are available for purchase by module so you can get exactly what you need:

  • Executive Management
  • Retail Sales (Head of Production to Loan Officers)
  • Consumer Direct Sales
  • Fulfillment (All Channels)
  • Production Support

STRATMOR’s advisors can work with lenders to analyze compensation data and develop an effective and competitive compensation plan for their organizations. 


Lenders who participate in the Compensation Connection Survey receive a customized summary report showing your data compared to industry averages.

Register now for the 2018 survey.

 As is our custom, and to assure confidentiality, this will be conducted as a “blind” survey.  All survey results will be aggregated and individual company results will not be disclosed to any party, nor will we display the results in such a way that individual company responses could be determined.