Executive Strategy Advisory

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Building a successful mortgage enterprise requires that the CEO and other top executives have a solid understanding of the business and competitive environment, an honest analysis of their firm’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and a realistic idea of the strategies and tactics that can result in competitive success.

By partnering with STRATMOR, senior mortgage executives will receive data-driven insights delivered by experienced mortgage industry experts that will help drive growth and improve operational and financial performance. STRATMOR consultants have access to the industry’s most robust database of benchmarking data which, when coupled with their extensive consulting experience, allows them to offer both a broad strategic perspective of the mortgage industry and in-depth knowledge of mortgage processes, technology and best practices.

Data-Driven Answers for Complex Challenges

We work with mortgage industry executives to address critical strategic questions and challenges, such as:

  • Do our business strategy and operating plans make sense?
  • How does our performance stack up against the lenders with whom we compete?
  • How good are our sales forces?
  • Should we be entering new or dropping out of our existing origination channels?
  • Should we be retaining servicing? If so, should we service in-house or use a subservicer?
  • Are we making effective use of our LOS system and other mortgage technology? How good is our IT staff?
  • How effective are our marketing programs in generating quality origination leads from new customers, existing customers and customers from affiliates?
  • Do our compensation plans motivate our sales and back office employees to behave in ways that are consistent with our business objectives?
  • Are our capital markets and pricing strategies consistent with our business objectives, the markets we target and the lenders we compete against?
  • How effective are our internal accounting and reporting practices in providing us with the information we need to track and manage our performance?
  • Are we effectively measuring borrower satisfaction and using such satisfaction metrics to adjust our marketing, sales and back office processes?

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