Marketing & Sales

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In a slower growth mortgage market, lenders must generally steal market share from competitors to achieve superior growth. Accomplishing this requires both marketing skills to generate leads and selling skills to convert leads to mortgage applications. STRATMOR Group’s Marketing and Sales Strategy practice focuses on two key areas: Lead Generation and Lead Management.

Marketing – Lead Generation

STRATMOR works with lenders to develop successful marketing strategies that include a variety of lead generation techniques matched to specific channels and customer segments. For example, the lead generation techniques that may be best for customer retention via the direct-to-consumer channel will be very different than the techniques that will work best for new customer acquisition via retail branches. STRATMOR’s marketing experts understand the wide range of lead generation techniques available to lenders and will help develop a highly-targeted marketing strategy.

Sales – Lead Management

STRATMOR helps lenders hone the processes involved in contacting, qualifying and turning qualified leads over to the sales force to be converted into customers. Where a lender originates loans in both retail and consumer direct channels, lead management includes strategies and rules for assigning leads between channels. Lead management processes and systems also facilitate consistent communication with leads through a variety of marketing techniques, increasing conversion and driving higher Revenue Per Marketing Dollar Spent (RPM).

Execution involves a variety of considerations including the development of process flows and business rules, sales training, effective use of technology and smart use of third-party vendors, e.g., direct mail vendors, to perform various functions within the overall marketing and sales processes.

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