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STRATMOR Group provides data, insights and consulting to help lenders better understand the costs and opportunities associated with retaining servicing. PGR data provides STRATMOR with proprietary operational servicing performance and cost data for participating lenders that service roughly 28 million units representing over $4 trillion in outstanding balances and more than 50% of the total servicing market.

Coupling this proprietary data with the wealth of “in the trenches” servicing experience of STRATMOR’s advisors enables us to carry out a wide a range of servicing-related assignments on behalf of lenders, including:

  • Defining mortgage servicing strategies and developing an aligned target operating model.
  • Building servicing operations, with an approach to ensure lenders have the right people, process and technology to be effective.
  • Conducting servicing retention economic analysis, including the impact on capital requirements and profitability.
  • Oversight of sub-servicing procurement activities.
  • Planning and overseeing servicing transfers, including large bulk purchases or sub-servicing migration.
  • Servicing system procurement and advisory services.
  • Fulfillment of regulatory requirements.
  • Identifying short term cost savings.

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