Technology & Operations Solutions

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In today’s environment, lenders simply cannot afford sub-optimal IT performance. Yet, across decades of client engagements, STRATMOR Group has found that many mortgage lenders do not effectively harness the functional capabilities of their existing technology and often, mistakenly blame problems stemming from poorly designed back office processes on the technology.

At STRATMOR, we work closely with lenders to evaluate their existing processes and systems – and identify options to better use their existing technology, acquire new technologies and/or redesign their processes in ways that will enhance operational performance.

Our Technology & Operations Advisory Practice offers the following:

  • Operational Reviews that typically follow-up on Performance Benchmarking assignments when significant performance gaps warrant a deeper dive into underlying causes
  • IT Reviews that are typically conducted in tandem with an Operational Reviews because inextricable link between technology and operations
  • Procurement Assistance involving the development of requirements, the preparation of an RFP, development of vendor bidder list, the evaluation of vendor bids in response the RFP and the selection of and negotiation with a finalist
  • Implementation Assistance, typically involving the development of an Operations Improvement Plan and Implementation Roadmap. Often, the Roadmap calls for the creation of a “Model Office” in which much of what is new will be tested and refined in a limited roll-out before executing a full roll-out

It Starts With Business Strategy

At STRATMOR, we believe that technology needs should flow out of business strategy, not the other way around. We start with questions, such as:

  • What technology do you need to support your company’s business strategy?
  • How well do your current systems and vendors serve your needs?
  • Is your IT staff able to effectively harness technology and manage change?

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