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Compensation Connection®: Intelligence to Evaluate, Compare and Optimize Compensation Plans

STRATMOR’s Compensation Connection® provides valuable insights into what mortgage lenders are paying for critical positions and how compensation is structured. Through our Compensation Connection® Study, participating lenders provide compensation data for key positions in mortgage banking including loan officers, processors, underwriters and key executives. We analyze and benchmark each participating lender’s compensation plans, providing them with a strong foundation for developing new or modified compensation plans that can better attract, motivate and retain employees at all levels.

Unlike other compensation survey programs, STRATMOR’s Compensation Connection® is offered in modules that allow participants to select the area or areas that best fit their compensation information needs. Currently, these modules include:

  • Executive Management
  • Retail Sales
  • Consumer Direct Sales
  • Fulfillment (All Channels)
  • Production Support
  • Servicing

Registration for the Spring 2024 Compensation Connection® Study is now open.

Join the many satisfied lenders who participate in the Compensation Connection® Study every year.  For more information contact the Compensation Connection® team.

Need Help?

Reach out to us to discuss
your specific needs.

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