Executive Strategy Advisory

Building a successful mortgage enterprise requires that the CEO and other top executives have a solid understanding of the current state of the business, the competitive environment and a clear vision for how they are going to drive the company to a desired future state.

Data-Driven Answers for Complex Challenges

We work with mortgage industry executives to answer the questions critical to the growth of their business, such as:

  • Do our business strategies and operating plans drive the right outcomes?
  • How does our performance stack up against the lenders with whom we compete?
  • Given our mission, vision and overarching strategy, are we in the right origination channels?
  • Should we retain servicing, and if so, should we service in-house or use a subservicer?
  • Are we making efficient and effective use of our mortgage technology?
  • Do our marketing programs generate quality origination leads?
  • Are our compensation plans consistent with our business objectives?
  • Are our capital markets and pricing strategies consistent with our business objectives, the markets we target, and the lenders we compete against?
  • Do our internal accounting and reporting practices provide us with the information we need to manage performance?
  • Are we effectively measuring borrower satisfaction and using such satisfaction metrics to adjust our marketing, sales and back office processes?
  • And many more…

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