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20 Things That Really Happened in 2020

Share this...TwitterLinkedinHave you ever seen a large, long haired, muddy, wet dog shake the debris from its coat? Stuff flies everywhere and sticks to ...
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STRATMOR Celebrates Our Founding Partner, Jeff Babcock

Share this...TwitterLinkedinJeff Babcock, senior partner and a co-founder of STRATMOR Group, will retire at the end of 2020. As such, STRATMOR is dedicating this ...
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How Will History View 2020? Mortgage Banking Executive Perspectives

Share this...TwitterLinkedinLooking back over my mortgage banking career, I wish I had kept a diary. I lived and worked through the savings and loan ...
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COVID-19 Homeowner Experience Report

Share this...TwitterLinkedinThere’s no doubt that the mortgage industry is feeling the effects of the COVID-19 coronavirus. From the time the Fed started cutting rates ...
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What Lenders Say: Top of Mind Topics in 2017

Share this...TwitterLinkedinEvery year, STRATMOR talks to hundreds of industry professionals, both lenders and vendors. As unique as each individual and each company is, they ...
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