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Prepare Now for the Storms Ahead: Build Your Purchase Business

Share this...TwitterLinkedinIn the mortgage industry, we have survived a tsunami — in fact, we have ridden a wave of profits that the refinance tsunami ...
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The Customer Experience (CX): Create Business Success Through a Culture of Excellence

Share this...TwitterLinkedinThere’s a café down the street from my home that is a local favorite — and for good reason. The cheery red awnings ...
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Retail Mortgage Branches: Which is Better, Expense Management or Corporate?

Share this...TwitterLinkedinI spoke with a mortgage banking executive recently and asked how his company was organized from a retail branch perspective. He said, “We ...
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How Mortgage Lenders Can Make Economics, Operations and Technology Actionable

Share this...TwitterLinkedinAs we approach the halfway mark for 2021, now is a good time to level-set, to take a moment to get our bearings ...
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People, Productivity and Compensation: 2021 Mortgage Ops Challenges

Share this...TwitterLinkedinIn February, I had the privilege of facilitating two “deep dive” Operations Workshops with a total of 120 operations executives representing 49 different ...
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Bottle the Magic: Three Lessons for Mortgage Lenders to Help Soften the Landing

Share this...TwitterLinkedinFor mortgage bankers, 2020 was the “party for the ages.” National origination volume expanded by somewhere between 60 and 90 percent, depending upon ...
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Originator’s Guide to Surviving Market Constriction

Share this...TwitterLinkedinThere are two types of mortgage originators; those in it for the short money and those in it for the long money. In ...
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Effective Leadership Through Crisis Times: A Lender’s Story

Share this...TwitterLinkedinThese are challenging times. Times that bring out the best and worst in people, including leaders. In our July 2020 Insight Report, STRATMOR ...
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Mortgage Banking Is a Balancing Act

Share this...TwitterLinkedinSometimes I feel like we live in a world of extremes. Extreme political and social views seem to dominate social media and the ...
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