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Originator’s Guide to Surviving Market Constriction

Share this...TwitterLinkedinThere are two types of mortgage originators; those in it for the short money and those in it for the long money. In ...
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How Will History View 2020? Mortgage Banking Executive Perspectives

Share this...TwitterLinkedinLooking back over my mortgage banking career, I wish I had kept a diary. I lived and worked through the savings and loan ...
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Effective Leadership Through Crisis Times: A Lender’s Story

Share this...TwitterLinkedinThese are challenging times. Times that bring out the best and worst in people, including leaders. In our July 2020 Insight Report, STRATMOR ...
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Mortgage Banking Is a Balancing Act

Share this...TwitterLinkedinSometimes I feel like we live in a world of extremes. Extreme political and social views seem to dominate social media and the ...
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Some Things Never Change: Supply and Demand, Unintended Consequences and Cash Is King

Share this...TwitterLinkedinThis spring, STRATMOR conducted five workshops for more than 200 industry executives — just as the COVID-19 pandemic roiled the mortgage industry with ...
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Creating a Customer-Centric Culture in a Brave New World

Share this...TwitterLinkedinThere’s a famous quotation from Socrates about change that speaks to where business, and the mortgage industry in particular, is today: “The secret ...
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Walking the Tightrope: Servicing Through COVID-19

Share this...TwitterLinkedinAs the clouds of the COVID-19 storm continue to roll, one of the areas of the mortgage industry that will take a big ...
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Pipelines and Pandemic: Managing Through the Virus-Driven Storm

Share this...TwitterLinkedinThere’s no doubt that the mortgage industry is feeling the effects of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Even as the Fed cut its benchmark interest ...
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What I Learned About Passion, Purpose and Persistence in Santorini, Greece

Share this...TwitterLinkedinIn 1982, I saw a movie filmed in Santorini, Greece. The movie wasn’t my favorite — I only saw it once. What stayed ...
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