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It’s Inertia, and It Can Kill Your Mortgage Business

“Objects remain at rest or stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force.” —Newton’s First Law of Motion. Inertia affects us all, ...
To break inertia in the mortgage industry, lenders will need to be the force that acts.
CX, Strategies

In the Battle for Borrowers, the Employee Experience Matters

“Be thankful that many people don’t care that much … it makes it that much easier to succeed when you DO care.” —Me, circa ...
In the battle to get and keep mortgage borrowers, a lender's employee experience matters greatly.

Sales Compensation: Do You Get What You Pay For?

Back when I was a working loan officer (LO), some 30 years ago or more now, we had a saying: you get what you ...
There is push and pull in mortgage lending as loan origination costs are at an all-time high and sales account for more than half this expense.

Rise of AI: STRATMOR, ChatGPT on AI in the Mortgage Industry

There is no version of the future that doesn’t include Artificial Intelligence — AI. That genie is out of the bottle, and the only ...
Artificial intelligence, AI, will have an impact on the mortgage industry.

Thinking About Wholesale? Considerations for LOs and Lenders

It is no secret that mortgage industry volumes and profits are under extreme duress. Mortgage originators are scrambling to generate new business as demand ...
The wholesale channel may be the puzzle piece that fits for mortgage originators and lenders considering moving into or expanding into a new mortgage channel.

Home Equity Lending: Opportunity, Necessity or Distraction?

Mortgage bankers are continuously focused on new products to gain a competitive edge. This is typically done to take advantage of the normal ebbs ...
Mortgage lenders in 2023 are considering their mortgage loan product line. STRATMOR analyzes the home equity lending market.

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