For many years, mortgage servicing operations have played a secondary role to sales and production operations in the organizational hierarchy of most mortgage lenders. Recently, industry focus has shifted as more lenders appreciate how a superior servicing operation — one that maintains a strong borrower relationship and delivers high borrower satisfaction — can enable lenders to enhance customer retention and increase the likelihood of future loan transactions and other cross-selling opportunities.

STRATMOR’s advisors focus on minimizing risk and optimizing profitability across servicing operations through the following services:

  • Servicing strategies and tactics to improve borrower retention
  • Defining mortgage servicing strategies and developing an aligned Target Operating Model (TOM)
  • Building servicing operations, with an approach to ensure lenders have the right people, process and technology to be effective
  • Conducting servicing retention economic analysis, including the impact on capital requirements and profitability
  • Oversight of sub-servicing procurement activities and fulfillment of regulatory requirements
  • Planning and overseeing servicing transfers, including large bulk purchases or sub-servicing migration
  • Identifying short term cost savings

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