Technology and Operations Advisory

Realizing the investment in a well-designed technology strategy for rapid growth requires lenders and their executive leadership team to ask this question:

How do I deploy an actionable growth strategy that crushes my competitors and, at the same time, transforms the customer experience?

At STRATMOR, we believe that technology needs should flow out of business strategy, not the other way around. We work closely with lenders to evaluate their existing people, processes and technology to identify better ways to use their existing technology, acquire new technologies and/or redesign their processes in ways that will enhance operational performance and improve their borrowers’ experience.

We offer the following technology and operations services:

  • Operational Reviews that typically follow-up on Performance Benchmarking assignments when significant performance gaps warrant a deeper dive into underlying causes
  • Technology Reviews that are typically conducted in tandem with an Operational Review as there is an inextricable link between technology and operations
  • Technology Strategy and Roadmap involves working with our clients to ensure that the technology roadmap supports the overall strategy of the company as reflected in the Target Operating Model
  • Technology and Outsource Procurement Assistance involving the development of requirements, the preparation of an RFP, development of a vendor bidder list, the evaluation of vendor bids in response to the RFP and the selection of and negotiation with a finalist.  This includes procurement assistance for digital point of sales solutions and tools
    Implementation Assistance includes disciplined, rigorous program management and technology implementation methodology. STRATMOR facilitates a strategy and high-level design workshop that is a non-invasive, quick, high value-added work session to align our clients with the technology strategy being implemented.  Our work here includes implementation of a lender’s digital strategy

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