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Real-Time 24/7 Borrower Satisfaction Monitoring and Intelligence

STRATMOR Group’s MortgageSAT is the mortgage industry’s only Borrower Satisfaction measurement tool that:

  • Offers lenders direct borrower feedback 24/7 and enables them to pinpoint sources of dissatisfaction and take corrective action
  • Allows lenders to benchmark their origination satisfaction scores against other participating lenders via a real-time Web portal
  • Analyze satisfaction as it may vary across borrower, loan and origination process attributes and by region, branch, loan officer and back office personnel

MortgageSAT is much more than a merely a Borrower Satisfaction survey program. It is a powerful management tool that gives lenders the information they need to manage and improve the borrower’s experience.

A Proactive Approach to Borrower Satisfaction

In virtually all industries, research overwhelmingly shows a strong correlation between increased customer satisfaction and increased revenues and profits. MortgageSAT enables lenders to take a more proactive approach. Lenders receive real-time alerts regarding highly dissatisfied borrowers so that they can respond before they complain to regulators or make negative comments on social media. They can coach loan officers or processors who may be the source of unnecessary problems or upgrade processes that are linked to borrower dissatisfaction.

GET STARTED with MortgageSAT

Start measuring and improving borrower satisfaction today. Build strong, loyal, and profitable borrower relationships by knowing, not guessing, how you can improve the borrowing experience. You can be up and running with MortgageSAT in a matter of weeks!