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Technology, Revenue and Borrower Perception

Share this...TwitterLinkedinLenders are spending more than ever before on tech as a percentage of loan costs, yet according to STRATMOR data, most lenders are ...
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Digital Transformation: The World According to Garth

Share this...TwitterLinkedinPeople who know me know I’m into music. I was a DJ in college, which got me into parties for free, so I ...
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The Seven Commandments for Optimizing the Customer Experience

Share this...TwitterLinkedinLenders often ask me if there is a “secret sauce” for driving more referral business. Interestingly, the question came up more often in ...
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Prepare to Thrive in a Purchase-Driven Market

Share this...TwitterLinkedinThe outlook for lenders in 2020 is a mix of sunshine and rain showers, depending on where you are standing. According to the ...
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Prepayment Speeds, Escrow Balances and Diet Coke®: Tales from a Servicing Expert

Share this...TwitterLinkedinThis year marks my twelfth-year teaching the MSR Servicing class for Mortgage Bankers Association’s School of Mortgage Banking II (SOMB II). I wish ...
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Can Technology Fuel Servicing Retention?

Share this...TwitterLinkedinWhen I ask loan servicers, “What is the value to your company of a delighted customer?” they often respond, “What’s a delighted customer?” ...
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What I Learned About Passion, Purpose and Persistence in Santorini, Greece

Share this...TwitterLinkedinIn 1982, I saw a movie filmed in Santorini, Greece. The movie wasn’t my favorite — I only saw it once. What stayed ...
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Translating the Customer Experience Vision From Leadership to Loan Officer

Share this...TwitterLinkedinI often talk to leaders in the mortgage industry about their customer experience vision and hear things like, “We want customers for life,” ...
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Six Key Takeaways From the 2019 Technology Insight® Study

Share this...TwitterLinkedinSteve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft from 2000 to 2014 and current owner of the Los Angeles Clippers once said that the number one ...
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