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Keeping Referral Partners Happy is Important to Your Business

Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedinThe voice of the customer has never been more prominent and sought after than it is today. More than 90 percent of lenders ...
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Strategies for Mortgage Lenders to Maintain Profitability

Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedinRecently, STRATMOR Senior Partner Garth Graham concluded a presentation by asking the audience to vote on which of three songs from the 1990s ...
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Give It to Me Straight: Technology and Digital Trends in the Mortgage Industry

Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedinIn 2018, I spent a great deal of my time talking technology with lenders. Anyone who has engaged in a technology conversation with ...
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How Can Peer Comparisons of the Borrower’s Experience Improve Your Bottomline?

Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedinFor twenty years, the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) and STRATMOR Group have jointly conducted the PGR: MBA and STRATMOR Peer Group Roundtables Program ...
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Something’s Got to Give: Lender Options for Navigating the Mortgage Industry Shakeout

Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedinUnless you have been living under a rock, you know that this is a tough time in the mortgage business. There are too ...
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Is This Simple Mistake Costing You $200,000 a Year?

Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedinSuppose you were given a clear set of instructions to increase your revenue by $200,000 this coming year. You’d take a close look, ...
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CRA Lending: Bank Perspectives Today and Ideas for Tomorrow

Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedinIt has been six months since President Trump signed the bill that gave banks relief from Dodd-Frank regulations. And, it has been just ...
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Little Things Done Right

Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedinBy and large, getting the little things right is how mortgage lenders can assure a happy borrower experience, which is why, “Little Things ...
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Rise of the Credit Unions

Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedinAre you one of the banks or independent lenders who doesn’t pay much attention to credit unions because you think they are only ...
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