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What A Burger Chain Can Teach the Industry About Secret Shopping

Recently, I found myself in an oddly slow-moving elevator listening to two people engaged in a passionate discussion about the restaurant Five Guys. “No ...
What Five Guys burger chain can teach mortgage lenders about secret shopping.

Score a CX Victory Over Last-Minute Loan Volatility

In a year and an industry when every month seems to produce its own variety of madness, there’s something settling about the reliability of ...
Mortgage originators can score a buzzer-beating victory borrowers by minimizing end-of-game miscues.

At the Intersection of Mortgage Lending and Wealth Management

The main intersection near my house is being torn up and replaced. What were previously three lanes in each direction are now down to ...
Mortgage lending at the intersection with wealth management may be more work, cost and stress than usual but the rewards can be great.

How to Preserve Mortgage Borrower Delight on a Bumpy Loan Road

As I was turning onto a highway on-ramp the other day, the front left corner of my car dropped and I heard an ominous ...
mortgage lenders can smooth the potholes in the borrower loan experience with good customer service.

Unlocking the ROI of Mortgage Technology

“Grab a water, grab a towel, get your life together, boo.” — Cody Rigsby, Peloton® instructor. If you are able to read and hear ...
Mortgage lenders need to exercise their technology to unlock the ROI it brings.

How Can Lenders Thrive in a Post-Meltdown Mortgage World?

I’ve been binge-watching the final season of The Walking Dead lately and thinking about the crossroads at which the show’s characters find themselves season ...
Mortgage lenders need to survive in a post 2022 meltdown market.

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