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The Large Bank Mortgage Banking Profitability Conundrum

Share this...TwitterLinkedin“The biggest challenge facing banks today is the ability to stay engaged with the customer. Those that do this well will win market ...
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Why Do Independents Beat Big Banks in Customer Satisfaction?

Share this...TwitterLinkedinBack in the 1980s, in the days before the Internet, applying for a mortgage loan required physically going into a bank to apply ...
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Creating a Best-in-Breed Technology Suite

Share this...TwitterLinkedinWe all know it takes a village to create a mortgage. The list of entities a lender must interact with — and rely ...
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Use Customer Satisfaction Data to Measure Technology Strategy Success

Share this...TwitterLinkedinThe mortgage industry has been consistent the last several years — consistently experiencing higher loan costs, and lower productivity. This is not exactly ...
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Use Technology to Drive a Better Borrower Experience

Share this...TwitterLinkedinAre you using technology to drive a better end-to-end loan experience for your borrowers? At the 2019 MBA Technology Solutions Conference, presenters and ...
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Key Takeaways From the MBA Technology Solutions Conference

Share this...TwitterLinkedinAs most mortgage industry veterans know, lenders hate to be first. Lenders are not “early adopters” and tend to avoid taking risks, especially ...
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Finding Balance: Servicing in the Mortgage Banker’s Strategy

Share this...TwitterLinkedinEditor’s Note: As many of our readers know, STRATMOR’s team has some of the most respected and experienced mortgage banking professionals in the ...
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Retain Your Servicing Customers and Gain Their Referrals

Share this...TwitterLinkedinWhat are you doing to make sure your current customers come back to you for their next loan? For many lenders, there is ...
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Keeping Referral Partners Happy is Important to Your Business

Share this...TwitterLinkedinThe voice of the customer has never been more prominent and sought after than it is today. More than 90 percent of lenders ...
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