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Walking the Tightrope: Servicing Through COVID-19

Share this...TwitterLinkedinAs the clouds of the COVID-19 storm continue to roll, one of the areas of the mortgage industry that will take a big ...
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An Originator’s Guide to COVID-19 Communications

Share this...TwitterLinkedinRegardless of where you stand on the current debate about when we should reopen the economy, one thing is clear – there is ...
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Pipelines and Pandemic: Managing Through the Virus-Driven Storm

Share this...TwitterLinkedinThere’s no doubt that the mortgage industry is feeling the effects of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Even as the Fed cut its benchmark interest ...
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COVID-19 and the Customer Experience

Share this...TwitterLinkedinWith the COVID-19 pandemic bearing down on us and huge stock market drops ushering in a bear market, it’s a strange time to ...
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Technology, Revenue and Borrower Perception

Share this...TwitterLinkedinLenders are spending more than ever before on tech as a percentage of loan costs, yet according to STRATMOR data, most lenders are ...
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Digital Transformation: The World According to Garth

Share this...TwitterLinkedinPeople who know me know I’m into music. I was a DJ in college, which got me into parties for free, so I ...
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The Seven Commandments for Optimizing the Customer Experience

Share this...TwitterLinkedinLenders often ask me if there is a “secret sauce” for driving more referral business. Interestingly, the question came up more often in ...
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Prepare to Thrive in a Purchase-Driven Market

Share this...TwitterLinkedinThe outlook for lenders in 2020 is a mix of sunshine and rain showers, depending on where you are standing. According to the ...
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Prepayment Speeds, Escrow Balances and Diet Coke®: Tales from a Servicing Expert

Share this...TwitterLinkedinThis year marks my twelfth-year teaching the MSR Servicing class for Mortgage Bankers Association’s School of Mortgage Banking II (SOMB II). I wish ...
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