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Digital Fuels Innovation for a Better Customer Experience

Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedinSTRATMOR has just completed the Digital Innovations section of the 2019 Technology Insight® Study and for the third year in a row, lenders ...
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Which Came First, the Testimonial or the Sale?

Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedinOne of my colleagues is in the market for a new car. How do I know? She asked me not only about the ...
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Who are the Most Tech Savvy Borrowers?

Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedinWith so much emphasis on the Millennial buyer (25-39 year-olds), some of the other major buyer blocks — Gen Z (under 25) as ...
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Myth Busters: Dispelling Common Myths in Mortgage Banking

Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedinThe popular, Emmy-Nominated TV show MythBusters was a weekly documentary in which two Hollywood special effects experts attempted to debunk urban legends by ...
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The Large Bank Mortgage Banking Profitability Conundrum

Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedin“The biggest challenge facing banks today is the ability to stay engaged with the customer. Those that do this well will win market ...
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Why Do Independents Beat Big Banks in Customer Satisfaction?

Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedinBack in the 1980s, in the days before the Internet, applying for a mortgage loan required physically going into a bank to apply ...
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Creating a Best-in-Breed Technology Suite

Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedinWe all know it takes a village to create a mortgage. The list of entities a lender must interact with — and rely ...
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Use Customer Satisfaction Data to Measure Technology Strategy Success

Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedinThe mortgage industry has been consistent the last several years — consistently experiencing higher loan costs, and lower productivity. This is not exactly ...
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Use Technology to Drive a Better Borrower Experience

Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedinAre you using technology to drive a better end-to-end loan experience for your borrowers? At the 2019 MBA Technology Solutions Conference, presenters and ...
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