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Timing is Everything: Four Must Know Realities About the Mortgage M&A Market

Share this...TwitterLinkedinThis article contains technical details about mortgage mergers and acquisitions, including data, charts and details. But let’s start with a story. Once upon ...
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Originator’s Guide to Surviving Market Constriction

Share this...TwitterLinkedinThere are two types of mortgage originators; those in it for the short money and those in it for the long money. In ...
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How Will History View 2020? Mortgage Banking Executive Perspectives

Share this...TwitterLinkedinLooking back over my mortgage banking career, I wish I had kept a diary. I lived and worked through the savings and loan ...
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Efficiency and Happy Borrowers: Digital Tools Bring Both

Share this...TwitterLinkedinIt’s certainly a good time to be in the mortgage business, at least financially speaking. The biggest concern that we keep hearing at ...
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E-Closings and the Borrower Experience

Share this...TwitterLinkedinTime has taken on a whole new meaning in 2020. While we wade through the likes of a pandemic not seen in 100 ...
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Effective Leadership Through Crisis Times: A Lender’s Story

Share this...TwitterLinkedinThese are challenging times. Times that bring out the best and worst in people, including leaders. In our July 2020 Insight Report, STRATMOR ...
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Mortgage Banking Is a Balancing Act

Share this...TwitterLinkedinSometimes I feel like we live in a world of extremes. Extreme political and social views seem to dominate social media and the ...
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Why Invest in Referral Partner Relationships?

Share this...TwitterLinkedinThe wild ride of 2020 continues to bring us new and unexpected turns. Most recently, mortgage rates hit a new all-time low at ...
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Sustaining Positive Performance Metrics as the Economy Reopens

Share this...TwitterLinkedinAs many businesses scrambled to stay afloat and many employees struggled with job security in the past three months, the mortgage industry has ...
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