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Is This Simple Mistake Costing You $200,000 a Year?

Share this...TwitterLinkedinSuppose you were given a clear set of instructions to increase your revenue by $200,000 this coming year. You’d take a close look, ...
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CRA Lending: Bank Perspectives Today and Ideas for Tomorrow

Share this...TwitterLinkedinIt has been six months since President Trump signed the bill that gave banks relief from Dodd-Frank regulations. And, it has been just ...
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Little Things Done Right

Share this...TwitterLinkedinBy and large, getting the little things right is how mortgage lenders can assure a happy borrower experience, which is why, “Little Things ...
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Rise of the Credit Unions

Share this...TwitterLinkedinAre you one of the banks or independent lenders who doesn’t pay much attention to credit unions because you think they are only ...
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How Important Is an Initial Checklist?

Share this...TwitterLinkedinThe number one complaint that borrowers have about the loan process is poor communication. To improve the borrower’s experience and gain better ratings ...
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The Strategy of Process

Share this...TwitterLinkedinHow many of us have been stuck on the side of the road with an overheated engine? Often, this happens due to either ...
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MortgageSAT and the Borrower Experience

Share this...TwitterLinkedinA new calculator feature, now available on  the MortgageSAT webpage, enables lenders to calculate the potential additional Retail lending profits that could be ...
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Aligning Back Office Compensation with Achieving a Superior Borrower Experience

Share this...TwitterLinkedinAt STRATMOR, we believe that the mortgage industry is undergoing a fundamental shift in the competitive landscape whereby delivering a superior, broadly-defined borrower ...
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May IT Be With You: Unleashing the Power of Business Level Agreements

Share this...TwitterLinkedinLenders struggle to advance digital solutions to support their lending business. For mortgage origination, from point-of-sale to processing, underwriting, servicing and capital markets ...
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