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Consumer Direct: It’s Nurture vs Nature in Purchase Business

Often, my articles start with data. Today, I start with a story. Pretend you are at a cocktail party (a gathering that occurred pre-Covid ...
It is nurture over nature with borrowers in mortgage purchase market

Mortgage Psych 101 — FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

In our consulting practice at STRATMOR, there are recurring themes that our clients tend to approach us about in terms of improving their businesses ...
mortgage lender cowers from fear of missing out shadow

Prepare Now for the Storms Ahead: Build Your Purchase Business

In the mortgage industry, we have survived a tsunami — in fact, we have ridden a wave of profits that the refinance tsunami gave ...
storms rising and mortgage lenders need to prepare for purchase market

Retail Mortgage Branches: Which is Better, Expense Management or Corporate?

I spoke with a mortgage banking executive recently and asked how his company was organized from a retail branch perspective. He said, “We are ...

How Mortgage Lenders Can Make Economics, Operations and Technology Actionable

As we approach the halfway mark for 2021, now is a good time to level-set, to take a moment to get our bearings and ...
mortgage lenders need to keep their eye on the prize with strategies to meet the changing market.

People, Productivity and Compensation: 2021 Mortgage Ops Challenges

In February, I had the privilege of facilitating two “deep dive” Operations Workshops with a total of 120 operations executives representing 49 different mortgage ...
Mortgage lenders discuss key issues and challenges in the mortgage market as the industry transition to a new normal.

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