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What Lenders Say: Top of Mind Topics in 2017

Share this...TwitterLinkedinEvery year, STRATMOR talks to hundreds of industry professionals, both lenders and vendors. As unique as each individual and each company is, they ...
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Digital Unbound: Five Tips for Making the Most of Digital Technologies

Share this...TwitterLinkedinConferences are a great place to see cool tools, cool vendors and to hear from forward- thinking lenders. STRATMOR attends many industry conferences ...
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A New Method for Measuring Lender Performance vs. Peers

Share this...TwitterLinkedinMortgage lenders have utilized virtually the same metrics to assess performance for the past 30 years. Considering how dramatically our market has changed ...
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Getting the Right Technology: Peer Perspectives of the Technology Experience

Share this...TwitterLinkedinIn 2015,  STRATMOR released its first LOS Technology Insight® Survey (TIS) with one primary goal: To deliver mortgage lenders with much needed, non-vendor-provided ...
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Transfer of Servicing: A Battle-Tested Methodology

Share this...TwitterLinkedinServicing is earning its stripes. For many years, mortgage servicing operations have played a secondary role to sales  and production operations in the ...
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The Seven Commandments for Achieving Borrower Satisfaction

Share this...TwitterLinkedinThe competitive paradigm for the mortgage industry has changed from “a rising tide lifts all boats” high-growth environment during the early years of ...
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The Changing Credit Landscape: What it Means for Originations

Share this...TwitterLinkedinThe vast majority of lenders will tell you that credit underwriting standards were too loose ten to fifteen years ago. Loans were made ...
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Fantastic Business Analysts and Where to Find Them

Share this...TwitterLinkedinHow many important projects have we lived through that took way too long, failed to give us what we asked for, or worse, ...
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LOS: What’s the Score? What’s in Store?

Share this...TwitterLinkedinSTRATMOR is often asked by mortgage companies to help figure out how to get more from technology, including which vendors to consider and ...
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